Electronic Navigation Charts

In order to sail paperless, you need to use Electronic Navigation Charts.

Chart supply

The vessel’s folio of required charts should always be up to date before a voyage. Appropriate charts should be ordered and installed on every ECDIS onboard.

  • Check if your chart supplier can support you with the preparations, and that they keep records regarding previously supplied charts to avoid double orders. Time delivery and online service is an additional benefit, especially if a vessel changes its trade area.
  • Some ECDIS manufacturers supply ECDIS with pre-loaded SENCs which save a lot of time on conversion, but make sure that the SENCs are properly licensed. Pre-loaded does not mean licensed.
  • If your vessel is able to send and receive email attachments at sea, you should update the charts for the remaining part of your voyage every week.
  • Check if prompt delivery is available using the internet instead of by ordinary mail. It is important that immediate collection update and chart delivery is available as well as assistance with chart collection preparation and maintenance.