Electronic Navigation Charts

In order to sail paperless, you need to use Electronic Navigation Charts.

The licence period for ENCs is 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Additional Chartdata may be added to the licence at any point during the licence period and there is no requirement for all data to expire at a common date. This allows the users to hold only the data which is appropriate for their operations at any given time.

Some countries do not allow data to be licensed for a shorter period than 12 months.

During the licence period, an Update CD may be supplied weekly to enable your licensed data to be maintained for New Editions and Notices to Mariners. You will also be provided with all corrections within the licensed cells. These updates can be sent by post or e-mail; or they can be downloaded from your chart supplier’s webpage.

When the ENC licences expire, you will not lose the display of the charts, but you will no longer be able to load and apply updates. Unless the licence is renewed, the charts will not be updated for Notices to Mariners and will not meet SOLAS chart carriage requirements. Licence renewal can be arranged by your chart supplier.

Recommendation when purchasing official charts:

  • If your vessel is sailing on the spot market we recommend you purchase your charts for 3 months (if allowed by the producing Hydrographic Office).
  • If your vessel is sailing on the same trade you should choose 12 month subscriptions. A 12 month subscription is cheaper than buying 3 month subscriptions on a quarterly basis.