Dear Maritime Colleague,

Your ECDIS Implementation is imminent!

During the last two decades there has been a constant flow of new carriage requirements for Bridge equipment; in most cases a burden for ship owners and crew. ECDIS can reverse this situation if it’s properly installed, optimized for a particular vessel and manned by a well-trained crew.

It can bring added value to a ship owner as well as for a crew, in addition to enhanced safety and fulfilling the ECDIS Carriage Requirement.

We’ve combined our expertise with customer experience and lessons learned over more than 10 years of ECDIS installation and use. This guide will give you some hints and ideas to show how ECDIS can optimize your operations, saving time and money.

Proper transition to ECDIS takes time. So do as many ship owners have already done - get started now to benefit from your ECDIS installation from day one. And let us help you to manage any challenges along the way.